Patty Davis: Letters overlook many quality places in Craig


To the editor:

I was a little surprised to see the letters people have written regarding the customer service in Craig. Having lived here for about 30 years, I find it to be a different story.


There are many businesses which offer wonderful customer service. We know you asked for one, but I will have to name more than that.

First, you can't walk into Samuelson's True Value or MJK without being asked if someone can help you, sometimes even as you are getting out of your vehicle. They not only ask you if they can help, but they actually know something.

Most of the little shops on Yampa Avenue are really fun if you have the time to go look, and especially The Giving Tree. Mary Kay Sherman does an exceptional job of putting that shop together, (with the help of her husband) remembering her customers and always going the extra mile for them. It is just a fun place to go, and she always takes the price tags off for you.

Today, my husband and I had some work done on vehicles. At Big O, Cook Chevrolet and Northwest Detail, the folks are always willing to give rides back and forth to shuttle when we need help and work with our schedules. That is very welcomed customer service.

These are just a few. There are many more.

Thanks for this forum.

Patty Davis

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