Letter to the editor: 10 concerned senior citizens


To the editor:

We feel a response must be made in defense of the senior citizens in our community to the editorial "Education is our future," apparently agreed upon by the editorial board of the Saturday Morning Press and published in the May 5, 2007, paper.


We have supported and educated our children and probably the children of your august board.

We are currently demonstrating our care and concern for this community both by paying federal, state and property taxes and contributing more volunteer hours than anyone else in the community by far. As to the young people who do not wish to support us by paying social security taxes, that may be an opportunity on which they have to vote their collective views.

All of us do not receive social security now.

You have jumped to conclusions as to our reasons for not supporting a bond issue or a mill-levy increase. You have believed what you want without researching it all. None of the questions you ask in your editorial touch upon any real reasons we have. So we will not address your questions.

However, we have a couple of questions we would like answered.

One, since the school is supported by federal funds, why do they publish their budget along with fund status and expenditures? Why does the newspaper not do its job and support us in getting this information? We believe this is in keeping with the role news organizations should fill according to our constitution.

And two, the contingency fund has $6 million in it, and we wonder how much is in the fund at this time. We would like a detailed accounting of the fund expenditures.

These are not our only concerns, but it is a start.

It could look as if your board is pretty gullible to believe what it is told without question and to take such a negative view of senior citizens.

It is refreshing to know that age is revered in other countries at least.

Signed by 10 concerned senior citizens

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