It's Bowling Pin Shoot time

Bears Ears Gun Club tradition continues every other Tuesday


The tradition of shooting bowling pins off a table at the Bears Ears Gun Club began recently and is scheduled to continue until late August.

The 2007 Bowling Pin Shoot begins at 6 p.m. every other Tuesday.


The next one is slated for June 5.

The Bears Ears Gun Club is located on County Road 7 near Cedar Mountain.

Steve and Robin Sloan took over the program this year, and while the sport is growing in popularity throughout the nation, Steve said they do it just for fun.

After signing up, interested shooters gather around their own 4-foot by 8-foot table with various types of handguns and attempt to knock five bowling pins off the table.

Steve said competitors begin from between 10 and 15 yards away and if that proves too easy, the distance is increased.

Once shooters have knocked the pins over, they must continue to shoot them until they are completely off the table.

Fees are usually $1 per round, and there are multiple rounds per bracket.

Steve compared the rounds to basketball tournament brackets.

"That might only take an hour or 45 minutes per round," he said.

"We will probably do three or four .22s, and when you lose, you are out. If you win, you get to keep shooting against other winners."

Out of an average pot, about 20 percent goes toward the bowling pin shoot.

"It is not a moneymaker. We are just out there for good times," Steve said.

Both Steve and Robin are range masters and monitor the shooters in attendance.

"They can only load when I say so and can only shoot when I say so. Upon cease-fire they must empty their guns. It is very controlled, but also in good fun."

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