Merna Carver: Lots to be impressed by


To the people of Craig,

When Neilene, the petite, little P.A. at the Craig Medical Center sent me to Craig Physical Therapy, I wasn't prepared for the journey that was about to begin.


Going from an office filled with people who know you by name, have smiles when you walk in and even put a smiley face on your bill, seemed a very long way from the thought of a grim, P.T. office -- pain and torture?

I was very impressed with Rachael, the happy receptionist that always has something pleasant to say. Kasey, the R.N. there, adds sunshine to everything she does -- and then there's Rich Sadvar.

How can you not be impressed when his walls are filled with pictures of not only him, his wife Nancy and their children Austin and Annie, but also some of the many, many kids he has treated.

It is hard to go into his office and not get caught up in sports. They are all so very into kids and sports. There is not a sport that they are not involved in, even if they don't have a child of their own involved. And it's hard to tell that the kids are not their own. As an outsider, I hear the bragging that goes on by everyone who works there, is a client there or the people who just stop by to join in the excitement caused by a really good move by a player, a concert or the latest play at the school.

I have been impressed by the number of students who stop in just to pass a moment or two with Rich. There are so many of them. I know why he has been the very successful head baseball coach for the last two years. He really cares about your kids, plain and simple. They really matter to him.

He is not someone who coaches without passion. He wants them to be the very best they can be, and he is willing to help each of them to attain that. I believe they feel the greatness that he sees in them. He inspires them to be honest, upstanding and the very best that they can possibly be. How great it would be if everyone who touched their lives had the same unselfish caring for each of our future leaders.

I have also been very impressed with all of the cute little shops I have discovered while in downtown Craig. I truly had no idea there was so much variety and uniqueness. I always seem to park in a different location and find something new each time I am there.

Thank you so very much.

Merna Carver


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