Ed Wilkinson: Please be safe on our street



County Road 33 (Knez Divide) connects Highway 394 (Breeze Basin Road) with Highway 317 (Williams Fork Road).


This road is 10 miles long and gravel all the way.

There are deer, elk, antelope, dogs, cats and children near this road.

Some people seem to think this road is a 50- to 60-mile-per-hour highway, especially traveling from the top of the divide to Breeze Basin Road. This portion of the road is downhill without too many curves.

Question is, at this speed, how can you stop if someone or an animal steps out in front of you? How about broken windshields from rocks thrown up by your tires?

Many people live on this road, so we consider it our street. Just like in town.

How dangerous would it be if people drove down your street at 50 mph?

Ed Wilkinson

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