Mary Jane Alexander: Youth need coaches like Rich Sadvar


Dear editor,

They say life isn't fair.


It certainly wasn't fair to Coach Rich Sadvar. He was the back-to-back (Western Slope) Coach of the Year of MCHS baseball team and then doesn't have his contract renewed?

I have read the article several times that was in the paper May 15, and I still don't understand. With his record, it just doesn't seem fair. I saw firsthand the relationship he has with his players.

I was having a treatment and a young man came in, walking slowly with his head down, and I thought I saw tears rolling down his cheeks.

Mr. Sadvar rushed him to a back room, out of sight of all us patients. When the young man left, Mr. Sadvar explained to us the young man was one of his players who injured his arm so badly he would have to have to have surgery.

There went his baseball career, perhaps forever. Mr. Sadvar showed this boy mercy and compassion. We need people like this to lead our kids. The way things are with our young people today they need all the help they can get.

My husband and I are senior citizens and both have had treatments from Mr. Sadvar several times during the years. We have always been treated with dignity and compassion. As I said before we need people like Mr. Sadvar to lead and guide our young people.


Mary Jane Alexander

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