Easy does it

Craig residents find summertime enjoyment with cookouts


Here's some advice: Take it slow.

That's Craig resident Galord Flies approach anyway. It works for him and he's not going to change it.


And it's not bad advice for anyone this summer who's looking to break out the grill, cook up a burger and enjoy the weather. This May marks National Barbecue Month.

When Flies isn't working in his yard, volunteering for the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization or the Kiwanis Club, you're apt to find the 83-year-old close to a grill.

To Flies, a self-proclaimed amateur hobbyist, grilling out is about the "satisfaction of doing something and getting it done right."

That means taking your time. Flies advises the following:

  • Marinade ribs for a couple days in advance.
  • Use fewer coals and wait until they're cooler before grilling.

"The key to any kind of cooking is more time, less fire," Flies said. "It'll be tender if you don't try and hurry it."

Picking the right cut of meat is also key. Ancestry has a lot to do with it, Flies said.

When someone tells him how tender the meat is, Flies replies, "Thank the calf's mother for that."

For a more dependable, even heat, Flies recommends getting to know how to use a charcoal grill.

On gas grills, Flies said it's hard to know where the hot spots are, and once you find out, it's too late.

Craig resident Mike Brinks had one critical cooking item coming out of college -- his Hibachi grill.

He said the grill was barely big enough to hold a burger, but it got him started on a life-long love for summer evenings, cold beverages and good food.

He keeps an open mind about ideas.

"Any time we go anywhere, if someone's got something new, we like to try it," Brinks said.

Brinks said he's drawn to grilling for entertainment when he has company over, but maybe more importantly, it's the taste that keeps him coming back.

"I like to cook outside because there's less of a mess to clean up," Brinks said. "And it tastes better."

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