Mike Albee: People must compromise on RMP


I would like to comment on off highway vehicle use on BLM public lands and the possible limitations that could take effect if the preferred alternative is selected for the Little Snake Resource Management Plan revision.

I worked for BLM here in Craig for 20 years, and motorized recreation is out of control. Just drive to the turn off to Sandwash and look at the damage.


Serious OHV impact can also be seen in Vermillion Bluffs, which is supposed to be limited to designation roads and trails only. Some OHV enthusiasts give the impression that all of BLM lands are going to be closed to OHV use under the preferred alternative, and that is totally misleading.

Everyone who uses BLM land, for whatever reason, needs to be willing to compromise for proper and balanced land management.

Certain areas need OHV restrictions, such as those lands with fragile soils, sensitive plants, critical wildlife habitat, or areas that have high nonmotorized recreation use, to name a few.

Every square inch of BLM lands cannot be open for every activity; that is not the intent of multiple use. If people are not willing to compromise a little, they just might lose everything.

Mike Albee

Retired BLM Wildlife Biologist, Craig

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