CNCC board looks at 2007-08 budget


Colorado Northwestern Community College's Moffat County Board of Control discussed its Craig campus budget for the 2007-08 school year Monday evening.

The state gave CNCC, for both the Craig and Rangely campuses, $3,235,868 for next school year, which marks a 3.15 percent drop from this year's funding.


CNCC President John Boyd said he expected to receive $2.8 million this year.

"Given what we could have faced, we're in a better situation than I thought we could have been," Boyd said.

The Craig campus will finish this year with about $2 million in its general fund and $1 million in its auxiliary fund.

But next year, Boyd expects a $450,000 shortfall in Craig's budget, partly due to a 5-percent salary increase.

"We've barely done cost of living the last few years and sometimes not even that," Boyd said.

With Wyoming schools offering a 19-percent increase across higher education and keeping up with the high-paying energy industry, Boyd said he feels the increase is necessary.

"There's a risk to what I'm doing, and it's a risk that I am willing to take," he said.

Other possible 2007-08 budget inclusions are integrating a three- or four-year computer replacement program, funding the new industrial electrician and massage programs, adding a nursing program staff member, purchasing a lift gate and mower and adding a geographic information systems lab.

The board also discussed adding a reception area to the Craig campus. Boyd said the construction and salary would cost about $40,000.

The board may drop its intramural sports line item, which Boyd said could possibly be covered by the college's student government funds.

Boyd asked board members to approve balancing overspent line items with under-spent ones in this year's budget.

But board chairwoman Kandy Kropinak questioned why Boyd spent more than budgeted for marketing. The board budgeted $25,000, which Boyd overspent on radio campaigns by about $3,200.

"It's not the cleanest way to run our show," Kropinak said of the accounting.

Board member Dana Gregory emphasized the board's duty to taxpayers to manage the campus' money well.

Board member Ray DuBois agreed, but noted the importance of the budget's revenue and expenditure bottom lines matching up. He suggested allowing Boyd to make financial decisions up to a certain percentage of a line item's budgeted amount. Past that percentage, Boyd would need the board's prior approval, DuBois suggested.

The Board of Control is scheduled to meet again June 18.

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