A win and a loss

MCHS baseball coach Rich Sadvar wins coach of the year again, but contract not renewed


He won 89 percent of the Western Slope league games from 2005-07.

In two years, he won two coach of the year awards.


And he won't be back to coach the Moffat County High School baseball team next year.

Rich Sadvar's contract is not being renewed.

Sadvar, an MCHS alumnus graduated "years ago" before earning his physical therapy degree from Regis University in Denver in 2000, was recently honored with the coach of the year award, an accomplishment he called a more significant the second time after the Bulldogs tied Palisade for the league crown.

The news lasted two weeks before being told by school administrators his 2007-08 coaching contract would not be renewed.

Jeff Simon, MCHS director of athletics, said Sadvar's coaching status was a personnel issue.

"I can tell you he is no longer the baseball coach," Simon said. "Other than that, it is a personnel issue and I cannot comment further."

Sadvar explained that at the end of each season coaches go through an evaluation, and it was that evaluation that led to his contract not being renewed.

"I haven't had a bad evaluation until this season," he said. "With that evaluation they decided not to renew my contract."

At this time, he did not want to comment on the specifics of the evaluation.

Shortly after finding out his future plans had been rearranged, Sadvar seemed to be more appreciative of the coaching award.

"It makes it even more sweet after everything that has transpired of late," he said. "The fact that Palisade and us split the league title and they still voted me as the recipient means a lot to me. It's a testament to the kids and how hard they work, but it's also a reflection of my coaching staff."

Sadvar compiled an overall record of 34-13, and was 25-3 in league play-- winning 72 percent of his total games.

After his first year as a physical therapist in the Denver area, Sadvar and his family -- wife Nancy, son Austin and daughter Annie -- moved back to Craig.

"Like most people, you follow your kid," he said about his coaching roots. "I started coaching Austin when he was in the sixth grade."

Before his two-year tenure as the MCHS head coach, Sadvar was an assistant to Scott Parker.

Technically, the head coaching position is a 12-month contract with MCHS, but Sadvar estimated he "literally puts in hundreds of hours" for both the Bulldogs and as a summer Legion coach.

"We do about three hours of weight training in the winter -- the season runs from early March to May -- I have a brief break before summer Legion ball -- and then it's time to start high school ball again," Sadvar said. "There is literally about six to eight weeks per year where I am not in organized baseball."

The legion position, while time consuming, is on a volunteer basis.

MCHS juniors Chris Winder and Anthony Flores were shocked upon finding out Sadvar wouldn't be returning next year.

"Rich and Junior Herndon (pitching coach) helped me so much it's ridiculous," Flores said. "He definitely deserves the coach of the year award. He knows what he is doing and does it right."

"I owe most everything to him," Winder said. "He has made me a better player both on and off the field and genuinely wants us to succeed.

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