MCHS project auction is Tuesday


With about 5,000 plants and dozens of welding and wood projects, organizers say Moffat County High School's annual project auction is sure to bring out the typical large crowd Tuesday evening.

"I think it's so popular because our quality is much better than some of the places here," said junior Kaycee Stagner, who's the greenhouse manager this year.


Students will offer most plants for sale in packs. Stagner said this year's selection includes annual flowers and vegetables. The horticulture class also grew more perennials than in the past.

Some hanging baskets and other containers will be offered in the live auction, where student-built wood and welding projects, such as chairs, clocks, birdhouses, a fireplace tool set and wine racks will be available.

The auction raises money for future projects and FFA trips.

"Mostly it goes right back to the program," Stagner said.

Students also will offer Rocky Mountain oysters, hamburgers and hot dogs for sale at the auction.

Junior Andrew Maneotis said the auction is a way for the community to support the vocational agriculture program at the high school.

"It's good for the ag program because it gives us money, and we don't get much from the school," Maneotis said.

He is currently enrolled in four classes at the ag shop, which sits on a hill to the west of the high school's primary building.

"I think you learn a lot more than at the main building," Maneotis said. "Hands-on stuff is definitely a lot better than bookwork."

For more information on the project auction, call the high school at 824-7036.

Any flowers remaining after the auction will be available for sale at the high school on weekends.

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