Every day is Mother's Day at Warne home


Twenty-five years ago, Cindy Warne's husband, Mike, pinned a note on their infant child and brought him to her.

The note read: Happy Mother's Day.


That was her first Mother's Day, and their child was more than any gift could ever be.

Now, six children later, her kids continue to show their love and respect to Cindy when Mother's Day comes around each year.

"She's been there for us," her 14-year-old son Marcus said. "We have someone to talk to and don't have to come home to an empty house."

They have someone to depend on.

Aaron, 25, Dillon, 23, Christy Bugay, 21, Melanie, 18, Marcus, 14, Kyla, 12, and Cassidy, 7, come up with an idea each year to surprise their mother.

"The special ones were the coupons," Cindy said.

Her older children would fashion together a construction paper coupon book, allowing their mother a night free of cooking or doing laundry, and some she could redeem for a free car wash.

Cindy, until recently, has been a stay-at-home mother.

She decided to be at home with her children until the youngest one was in school for a full day. A task, she and her husband knows, is not easy.

"My husband is always understanding," she said. "I've had a full-time job as far as he's concerned."

Now she works at St. Mark's Preschool and Tropatanna when her children are at school.

Her youngest three, Marcus, Kyla and Cassidy live at home and each are planning something for their mom.

"I made her something," Cassidy said, raising her hand for attention.

But she wouldn't tell. Not in front of her mom.

Last year, the Warnes bought flowers and came back and brought in the season together in their front yard.

Looking back over the years, from that first Mother's Day to now, one word summed up her feelings.

"Amazing," Cindy said. "The last 25 years I've dedicated myself to being a mom, and have loved every minute of it."

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