Making Mom happy

Need a Mother's Day gift for Sunday? Homemade is the way to go


Nadine Scranton's four boys usually take her to McDonald's for Mother's Day.

Sure, it's not a shiny necklace, a bouquet of flowers or a day of relaxation at a spa, but that meal at McDonald's is special to her.


"It's something they thought of themselves," Scranton said. "It's something they thought would be a nice treat for me because that's where I take them when I treat them."

This year, her husband, Lance, and their sons are hosting a barbecue where only men can cook to celebrate the holiday, which is Sunday.

"I would rather they didn't go out and buy me things," Scranton said. "I just like when they put their thought and their heart into it instead of money."

That's why the teachers at the Early Childhood Center preschool create projects for mothers with their students.

"We try to find things the kids can do themselves," teacher Toni Tuttle said. "We do it because it's a little piece of them. And it's a special thing they can look back on."

Tuttle, herself a mother of two boys, said she prefers homemade gifts.

"The things they made me, they're just a lot more special when they come from them," Tuttle said.

Shana Fortney, the mother of two teenagers, now prefers for her children to pitch in around the house, perhaps washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom.

The self-proclaimed "chocoholic" said she also enjoys receiving sweets, but still holds dear the gifts that last for years to come.

"I think it's the thought someone puts into it and their own creativity," Fortney said.

She still has handprints her children created for her in school when they were younger.

"For not only myself but for them, too, to let them know I care about them," Fortney said, "and they were thinking of me, and just for them to look back on, too, when they're older."

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  • Make her breakfast in bed
  • Create coupons for chores, hugs or kisses
  • Offer to do some house or yardwork
  • Try one of these projects:

1. Photo flower craft

Materials needed:

Small clay pot

Construction paper

Popsicle stick


Pipe cleaner

Floral foam

Spanish moss

Instructions: Make a flower using construction paper. Cut the shape photo into a heart shape. Glue the heart-shaped photo in the center of the construction paper flower. Wind the pipe cleaner around the popsicle stick until it is covered completely except about 1 inch on the bottom. Glue the flowers onto the popsicle stick stem. You can make leaves out of construction paper, and attach them to the stem. Put some floral foam in a little clay pot, glue down some Spanish moss to cover the foam (optional).

2. Handprint poem gift

Instructions: Make a homemade card or wall hanging with your handprint on it, and print a poem on it.

3. Scoop of hugs and kisses

Materials needed:

Laundry scoop

Hugs and kisses candy

Clear or colored plastic wrap


Instructions: Fill the laundry scoop with candy hugs and kisses. Cut a large piece of plastic wrap. Set the scoop in the middle of the plastic wrap. Fold the plastic wrap over so the two ends meet at the scoop handle. Pull the plastic wrap tightly around the scoop and gather around the handle. Tie a ribbon around the handle to hold the plastic wrap in place. Tie a note onto the scoop that says "A scoop of hugs and kisses for you."

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