Christina Currie: The things they say, the things they do


The guessing game continues.

Why do kids say the things they say? Do the things they do? Exactly what are they thinking when they mush Play Doh into the carpet and add milk? What, precisely, is so fascinating about the dog's butt? Why, oh why, are there six pairs of shoes on the lawn and none in the closet?


These are all things I wonder about, although some I try to spend less time wondering about than others.

You know which ones I mean.

The previews were all it took to convince 5-year-old Nikki that she wanted to see Spiderman 3.

This is how she described the plot:

"There's a red Spiderman," she said, holding up her index finger.

"And," (more dramatically) "a BLACK Spiderman," she said lowering her index finger and raising her middle finger -- effectively flipping me, and everyone else she told, off.

I just let her. I mean, how do you explain that? Mostly, I'm afraid of the inevitable questions my explanations would lead to.

She's taken to using her hands to convey many words she doesn't know. Driving down the street, Nikki said, "I saw one of those things, mom! You know that goes this way and that way and that way and that way," she said, crossing her hands into an X.

Inspiration hit and I said "a weathervane?"

She said "yes," even though I'm sure she's probably never heard that word before.

"We should get one of those. A big, big, big one."

Again, why?

"Mom, the hot heater is making my head hurt."

"Mom, I think I have a headache."

"Mom, can you turn it to cool heat?"

"It's making me a headache."

This was in the car. We're working on learning that the system of blowing air isn't a heater -- only hot air is considered a heater.

It's a slow process. I don't understand where my girls got the idea that they wanted "cool heat," but it's an interesting consideration.

It's fun listening, whether I understand or not.

"Mom! I can't believe I'm telling you this ..." Nikki said, a conversation-starter that definitely grabbed my attention.

"Today, I rode a white school bus with (then she proceeded to list all the kids who rode with her) to my new school!"

Ahhh. My baby is growing up. Today the school bus, tomorrow her own car.

Bet I don't understand her any more then than I do today.

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