Jennifer Wittlinger: Ranchers had horrible disregard for nature


My colleagues and I were outraged after reading (the Ron Knaack) story.

While I do sympathize with Mr. Knaack's injury, there was absolutely no reason for those ranchers to beat that rattlesnake to death. What a horrible disregard for nature.


Perhaps the next time Mr. Knaack wants to commune with nature he should do it in a controlled environment such as Disneyworld.

As for those ranchers, why did they have to kill an animal that was just minding its own business? It didn't even bite the horse. And the method that they did it, beating it to death, is beyond cruel.

Why are so many humans so arrogant as to think that they are the only important species on this earth and every other creature is expendable?

As for Sombrero Ranches, I certainly will never recommend them to the many tourists who I encounter here in Steamboat.


Jennifer Wittlinger

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