Our View: Who do we want to be?

We must find and define Craig and Moffat County's selling points


Here is a simple message from the editorial board to Gov. Bill Ritter.

Thank you.


Thank you for coming to Craig Saturday to speak at the Northwest Colorado Cultural and Heritage Tourism Initiative's regional meeting.

We know that, as the recently-elected Colorado governor, you're quite busy, and we appreciate that you, as a Democrat, took the time to visit us, a mostly Republican county.

But that is not what this editorial is about. Rather, the theme of the regional meeting -- "Get your Yee-Haw on" -- made the editorial board think, with so many people coming to visit this year -- from the governor, to visitors associated with Ride the Rockies, Whittle the Wood and the Vietnam Moving Wall, to name a few -- how do we as a town and county brand ourselves?

That is, how do we want to be perceived by the thousands of visitors who will enter Craig city limits or pass across the county line?

There may be no better time for us to define ourselves as a community with Craig's 100-year celebration in 2008.

It's time to figure out who we are, where we have come from and where we are going. When we have that figured out, we can look at how to entice visitors to come back again and again, and help bolster our economy for years to come.

When it comes to the area's brand, the editorial board believes it's better to have one unified theme instead of several. Part of a brand is, when people see or hear it, they instantly know or remember the product -- in this case, Craig and Moffat County.

This is not to criticize the theme of "Get your Yee-Haw on." Instead, it is to pose the question: what do you think best represents Craig and Moffat County?

Certainly our Western heritage is a selling point, but so are hunting, agriculture, energy, our friendly people and our caring community.

This is a decision we should make sooner rather than later. If the governor's visit taught us anything, at least one person is watching us -- and many more will be, too.

With all the events planned for this year, thousands of people will leave Craig with some sort of impression.

What, and who, do we want it to be?

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