Nick Janota: Buy gas elsewhere


To the editor:

Enough is enough.

When I left town one night recently, the prices for diesel along Highway 40, except for the Conoco on the east side of town, were $3.39 per gallon.

The Conoco on the east end of town had gone to $3.54 per gallon that day. When I drove back in the following morning they had all risen to $3.54 per gallon.

That's 15 cents per gallon overnight.

I find it strange that suddenly three of four stations along that route had late night fuel deliveries, and that their prices went up exactly the same amount.

Basic economics says that when there is competition in a market, that competition tends to lower prices. What I see is that prices are being artificially raised by a group of companies.

Competition is supposed to move prices down to get consumers to buy their product, not see who can sell at the highest prices.

It's time to show these stations that enough is enough and start buying fuel in Baggs or Steamboat. That's right, Steamboat Springs has lower fuel prices than Craig. Something is very wrong there.

I lose a couple dollars by driving to Baggs, but at least the local stations aren't getting my money. It's time to stop buying coffee, soda and snacks there, too.

When, if, they realize people are tired of getting ripped off, maybe they'll stop trying to see who can raise their prices the highest.

I must say, the Conoco in the middle of town doesn't seem to be playing the same pricing game as the others since their prices are sometimes higher, and sometimes lower than the rest.

Or better yet, maybe the new Wal-Mart will have pumps and put a couple of these companies out of business.

Nick Janota


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