Scott Relaford: Please respect large vehicles while driving


To the Editor:

I am writing for all the truck drivers in this area.


I have noticed an increase in traffic both on our state highways and our county roads. Among the traffic is also an increased number of heavy trucks and tankers which are either hauling product to or away from oil field locations.

It is easy to see that without any new roads or improvements on our existing highways that things can get very crowded very quickly.

I know the drivers of the smaller vehicles can travel faster through the tight canyon roads and are usually in a hurry to get to where they are going, and the larger trucks have to move slower because the weight or load they are carrying simply will not allow them to go any faster safely.

With that being said, I would like to ask the drivers of the faster vehicles to please respect the larger vehicles and to keep the safety margin between the vehicles and be patient. Most drivers I know will not have any problem letting traffic around them as soon as there is room and it is safe to do so.

Please remember these vehicles cannot stop very fast, and you will lose the battle if you have a collision with one of these trucks. We all have families that love us and we all want to go home every night to be with them.

Scott Relaford


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