Debra Sanders: Immigration issues need addressing now


To the Editor:

I want to raise my voice against our federal government's continued failure to secure the national borders. As things heat up in the Middle East, the threat to this nation is real.


There are those who cross our southern border that are identified as OTMs, Other Than Mexicans. Many come from hostile nations, i.e., Iran, Syria, etc. I sure hope Moffat County is prepared to protect itself.

The rhetoric everyone is hearing about our borders and the illegal immigrants is nonsense.

First of all, our immigration system is not broken as they would like you to believe. The INS processes and issues green cards to more than 2 million legal immigrants each year.

They also issue more than 600,000 school VISAs and more than 600,000 work VISAs per year. This is more than the whole world combined.

With our failed free trade agreements with other countries, mainly China, we as a nation can no longer compete on the world economic market without cheap labor.

Corporate money is running this issue in Washington, D.C., lobbying for cheap labor. The nation needs to wake up and demand security at our borders.

More and more states are enforcing immigration laws seeing that our nation has been sold out to big business. Today, Oklahoma is signing into law the strictest so far.

The deaths from illegal drunken drivers is running about 25 a day. Since a DUI is not a felony, they are not reported to ICE.

The source of the food contamination from China has still not been resolved.

They know they have fed it to our hogs and chickens but since no one has died yet they haven't played up the issue. There would be anything they could do about it at this point anyways. It's in every cracker or bread product we eat so read your labels.

I hope I can raise awareness just a tad of what is really happening to our nation.

Debra Sanders


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