Third-grade reading CSAP scores drop


Moffat County School District's third-grade reading scores on the Colorado Student Assessment Program tests dropped from last year, according to unofficial results released Thursday by the Colorado Department of Education.

In 2006, 76 percent of students passed the exams. On this year's tests, 70 percent passed.


The 2007 scores mark the lowest in the third-grade reading test's six-year history.

Students may receive ratings of "unsatisfactory," "partially proficient," "proficient" or "advanced" for sections of the CSAP tests. Those receiving "proficient" or "advanced" ratings pass the test.

District-wide, 7 percent received an "unsatisfactory" rating, about the same as years past. Twenty-three percent got a "partially proficient" rating, 66 percent got a "proficient" rating and 3 percent got an "advanced" rating.

"It is the first CSAP test that these kids have ever taken in their life, so that just becomes the baseline data in a lot of ways," Superintendent Pete Bergmann said. "It's hard to react to it. The growth is going to be what's most critical to us -- next year, how did those kids do?"

Ridgeview Elementary School third-graders were the only ones in the district to make an increase in their reading scores. In 2006, 79 percent passed the test. In 2007, 90 percent passed.

"We were just absolutely tickled," Ridgeview Principal Julie Baker said. "We have a real strong third-grade class this year -- academically, socially and behaviorally. It's just one of the classes that comes through that is just terrific."

Baker attributes the class' success to the teachers from kindergarten through third-grade.

At Sunset Elementary School, 73 percent passed the third-grade reading test in 2006 and 64 percent in 2007.

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