Our View: Education is our future


The story goes like this:

There is a debate about whether taxpayers should fund a school bond. Some residents believe that since their children are out of the school system it is no longer their responsibility.


The other side of the argument was perhaps summed up best by a male student: If that's their view, then why should he pay Social Security for people older than him when social security will not likely be around by the time he gets to use it?

The moral of the story?

It's not the cliche you pay taxes and you die.

Rather, you pay taxes to help your community live, and it directly or indirectly encompasses you and your future.

And make no mistake, education is our future.

That is why the editorial board finds the results from a recent community survey so troublesome.

The Moffat County School District polled 302 area residents to see if they would support a potential $36 million bond levy for recommended capital upgrades and repairs to the schools.

The responses: 41 percent said yes, 51 percent said no and 9 percent were undecided.

The number that stood out to the editorial board was the 41 percent of people who gave it a "strong no."

What does the 41 percent who were a "strong no" say?

Do they believe a building is a building, and kids can learn in it regardless of its condition?

Do they believe "the extras" the school is looking at are not needed?

Do they not trust school officials when it comes to school and students' needs?

Do they simply not want to pay taxes at all, regardless of the state of the schools?

The editorial board does not know why there is such a strong reaction against such a request. And if the school board looks at dropping the bond down to $25 million, as is being discussed, will it really matter if the answers to the aforementioned questions are yes?

The real question Craig residents need to answer in the next couple of years is this: What is the vision for our community?

Do we want to be known for providing quality education in a great community environment?

The editorial board believes there is a difference between being fiscally responsible and ignoring your community's needs.

Because when it comes down to it, the community's needs are your needs. Our youths today will be taking care of us when we are older, either through Social Security or in the workforce helping us with our retirement, making decisions as government officials or putting us to bed in retirement homes.

Who do you want providing those services in the future?

We're not asking people to vote for this proposed bond. We need to wait to see what the final proposal turns out to be.

But we are asking that you really think about the importance of education to our future, to not take a "strong no" on the stance, but instead weigh the benefits of what education for the future may mean versus saving money today.

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