High-tech future

Mark Oxley chooses computer engineering for his post-graduation plans


The self-proclaimed "technology buff" loves cell phones, iPods and computers.

So it's only natural he makes it his career.


Mark Oxley, a graduating senior at Moffat County High School, has decided on computer engineering at the University of Wyoming for his next step.

"Because I excel in math and science, and I enjoy it," Oxley said.

He is one of six Moffat County seniors who will graduate May 26 with a 4.0 grade point average.

He said he's ready to get out of high school and into the "real world."

"I can't wait to go," Oxley said. "I think it's just exciting being an adult and moving on."

He chose the University of Wyoming because of its strong engineering program and its scholarship offers.

Within his program, Oxley said he can choose software or hardware work. He thinks he'll prefer hardware specialization, in which he would design chips, among other items, for computers.

Preparing him for his impending college workload is Oxley's favorite teacher, Roger Spears, who teaches physics and chemistry at the high school.

"He's just laid back and understands us as kids," Oxley said. "He treats you like an adult."

On the other side of the spectrum, Oxley said he disliked his writing classes most.

"Not because of teachers but because I'm not a huge fan of English," Oxley said.

He said the past few months of high school are the hardest to bear, as "senioritis" kicks in and students are ready to be finished.

"When January comes, that's the uphill struggle," Oxley said.

But school wasn't all that bad, Oxley said. He spent time volunteering for National Honor Society, attending Moffat County Young Life events and serving as the assistant captain of the Bulldogs hockey team.

Above all else, though, Oxley had fun with his friends.

Last summer, he and six friends took a road trip to the Grand Canyon.

"Someone threw out the idea and I tagged along," Oxley said.

This summer's plans include skydiving in Moab, Utah, with friends and a South American cruise with his family.

The trips are fun -- aside from working full-time for his father, Jay Oxley, at TLC Carpet One -- before he starts the next chapter of his life.

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