Suzanne Brinks: Be aware of notice of value of property


An open letter to the real property owners in Moffat County:

On May 1, the Moffat County Assessor's Office mailed notices of value to all real property owners in the county. This year -- 2007 -- is a reappraisal year for all counties in the state of Colorado. Reappraisals are done every odd numbered year. Please pay attention to this notice of value because your tax payments for 2008 and 2009 will be based on this value.

The notice will contain a brief legal description of your property, the value of your property in 2005 (our last reappraisal year) and the value for 2007. It will also have a brief description of the characteristics of your property, i.e. year built, square footage of the building, etc. Review this information and call our office with questions.

The month of May is protest month for real property. If you have a question or concern about the value of your property this needs to be addressed now, during protest period, not after you have received your tax bill in January 2008. You cannot protest your taxes. You can only protest the value of your property.

My office has sales information available for anyone to research what sales have been recorded for similar properties. Similar information can be found on our Web site at, then click on property database and search by property address or owner's name. Scroll down underneath the property information and comparable sales information for the neighborhood or subdivision will be listed.

If you have questions please call my office at 824-9102.

Suzanne Brinks

Moffat County Assessor

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