Residents warned to be wary of cons

Police caution against giving personal information over phone


Scams happening across the country also have happened in Craig, and residents should safeguard themselves from con artists looking to bilk them of money, the Craig Police Department reported Thursday.

The Police Department issued a public notice warning local residents of scams.


"Phone scams are often done by a quick and smooth talking solicitor, who contacts a citizen and discusses 'new programs' involving Medicare, which will help money on medical and pharmacy costs," wrote Lt. John Forgay, of the Police Department. "Often there are misrepresentations in what is told to the person contacted and it can result in costly, unwanted and unneeded plans that are difficult to cancel."

Forgay said residents should be wary of giving away personal information over the telephone.

"It is important to remember that legitimate companies have no reason to request personal information from you such as Social Security numbers and bank account information," Forgay wrote. "Never give this information to anyone who contacts you over the phone."

The Police Department also warns residents against mail scams, which officers said have occurred in Craig and come in the form of residents receiving checks indicating they've won a foreign lottery.

The checks range from $2,500 to $4,000 and are typically identified as advances to pay fees or taxes on winnings. Instructions tell the recipient to deposit the check in his or her personal account and send his or her own check or a wire transfer for the fees to a person or company indicated in the original letter.

It's usually too late when the resident learns that the check sent to them is counterfeit and thereby worthless.

"The crooks are hoping that they have received their monies before this is discovered," Forgay wrote. "The rule here: Should you received unsolicited monies in the form of a check, money order or travelers checks, it is highly likely that these are counterfeit and you should verify the authenticity of this windfall with your bank or local law enforcement."

For more information, residents may contact Forgay at 826-2367.

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