Carrie Sykes: Too much trash on roads


To the Editor:

I would just like to comment on the condition of Moffat County Road 29 that leads to the newly revamped Elk Head Reservoir. I drive down this road nearly every day and the trash that has accumulated during the winter is an embarrassment.


I have picked up trash on the sides of this road for three years now, and it just keeps getting worse every spring. It is definitely an eye sore this time of year. Soon the grasses will grow tall enough to hide the beer bottles and cans, but this does not mean the trash is gone.

I do not mind pitching in to keep our country beautiful, but this is not a job for one anymore. The heavy traffic this road had all winter to make the reservoir bigger has contributed to this accumulation of beer bottles and pop containers. Would it be a crazy idea to get some help with this stretch of road?

Maybe some community service workers can pitch in or maybe the people who helped build the reservoir can come together before the grasses are too tall and get this trash picked up.

I would love to see just see a sign or two on this road about fines for throwing trash from a vehicle. I know people do not always follow these signs, but it does let the people of this town and out of towners know that it's not OK to litter. There will be many people from other towns coming to enjoy this beautiful reservoir and how tacky is it to drive up this road and see all the filth on both sides of this road.

Carrie Sykes

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