The Word from the south

Steve Wallace is the new pastor at Ridge Church of God


For the past five years every March, pastor Steve Wallace travelled from Bessemer, Ala., to Craig for a revival.

This year, he just moved.


Wallace, the new pastor at Ridgeview Church of God, 690 Riford Road, has been in Craig a week and will give his second service Sunday.

"I've been to Craig for the last four to five years for meetings and fell in love with it," Wallace said. "I decided if I was going to come up every year, I might as well move up here."

Wallace, 50, moved to Craig with his wife, Denise Wallace, and his son, Kendrick, who is attending college in Alabama.

Wallace said the former pastor, Bob Smavley, invited Wallace up each year to be a part of the revivals.

Thirty-five years ago, Wallace joined the Church of Christ because he liked the energy.

"I like their way of worship," he said.

Smavley will be attending Elijah Ministries. Wallace described it as a service for pastors and church leaders to go out into the wilderness, renew their faith and build and live in self-sustained cabins.

Wallace said the people of Craig influenced his decision to move to Northwest Colorado.

"It was different from the south, and I really enjoyed it," he said.

Also, winter sports like ice fishing and snowmobiling didn't hurt his decision.

Working on building and encouraging the youth ministry are on Wallace's to-do list as he begins his stay with Ridgeview Church of God.

"We have a lot of plans," Wallace said.

Also, he's planning a series of discussions about the return of Christ which he plans to deliver during Holy Week. And if weather permits, an outdoor sunrise Easter service.

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