Celebrate National Agriculture Day


March 21 is National Agriculture Day, and the Moffat County Farm Bureau board members see it as another opportunity to get agriculture in the public's eye.

This date is also the first day of spring, and one only needs to gaze about the county and Northwest Colorado to see the beginning of a new agriculture year.

New calves, kids, lambs and other babies are everywhere, and an important reminder of a new production year for ranchers and farmers.

Soon, other agriculture producers will be in their fields, getting ready to grow food and fiber for our nation.

Recently, the American Farm Bureau Federation celebrated the affordability of food nationwide.

In just five weeks the average American earned enough disposable income to pay for his or her food supply for the entire year.

The latest statistics compiled by the United States Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service show American Families and individuals currently spend, on average, 9.9 percent of their disposable personal income for food.

In comparison to working 36 days to pay for food, Americans will work 77 days to pay their federal taxes, 62 days to pay for housing and household operation, and 52 days for health/medical care, according to the tax foundation.

When you consider the average price increases that Americans have absorbed for vehicles, gasoline and other consumer products over the past 20 years, the cost of food really does seem like a bargain.

We are blessed with a safe abundant and affordable domestic food supply here in the United States, thanks to farmers and ranchers who produce it.

Remember, when you eat, you are into agriculture.

Shirley Lawton

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