County considers soccer proposal

New field suggested for Loudy-Simpson park


Isidro Quezada has a problem finding places to play soccer in Craig. As Yampa Valley Soccer League President, Quezada is asking the Moffat County Commissioners to help out with the soccer situation in Craig.

"Everybody would like to play in Woodbury Park, but it gets too busy when the youth soccer teams are all out there," he said. "We have four adult teams in our league, as well as two youth teams."

Quezada first approached the commissioners last year, and this year wanted to make sure requests were made early enough to get in the 2008 budget.

Commissioner Saed Tayyara, who began playing soccer at age 12, agreed with the proposal to create another field at Loudy-Simpson Park.

"Sports are the best way to get kids away from drugs and alcohol. Soccer is important," he said. "It brings revenue to the county. You have my full support on that."

Commissioner Tom Gray recommended putting the soccer field on a priority system when they look at next year's budget in August, and he encouraged Parks and Recreation to check into Great Outdoors Colorado grants to help pay for a proposed field, bathroom and parking lot.

Moffat County Parks and Recreation Manager Tammy Seela said the best location would be next to the existing field at the park, and a new field is sorely needed.

"We have one field now, and it is well used. It's used hard," she said. "We're checking into costs for bathrooms, irrigation and making a parking lot."

The commissioners also were hoping to find some local companies to help when it comes to moving dirt and finishing groundwork at the location.

Quezada said he appreciates the commissioners getting behind the project.

"If they have the space over there, we want to get it into the budget," he said. "If we lose this chance at Loudy-Simpson, I don't know where else we can go."

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