'Work on the discipline side of things'

Seth Young becomes new MCHS boys soccer coach



Seth Young, the new Moffat County High School boys soccer coach, is going to try and turn discipline and potential into wins.


Young coached the MCHS girls soccer team last year and replaces Jeff Hammond as the boys coach.

Young inherits a Bulldogs team that went 2-12-1 last year.

"I think we're going to try and work on the discipline side of things," Young said. "They are a bunch of good kids that like to have a good time. There is a lot of potential. If we can get that potential up in a positive manner, it will be a good thing."

A sixth-grade science and math teacher at Craig Intermediate School, Young joked he may apply the same "lunch detention" at the MCHS level.

"Last year they were notorious for getting carded," he said of the yellow warning and red ejection cards issued. "We'll be really strict about the rules and have these guys live up to them."

Young is hoping to select Alegra Yager as his assistant coach.

Yager was recently an-

nounced as Young's successor as the girls soccer coach, and said she plans to have Young as her assistant in the spring. The MCHS girls soccer team went 1-8-1 under Young and Yager.

"Last year we clicked together," Yager said of her working relationship with Young. "I really think Seth and I work really well together and realized that the girls needed to work on the fundamentals. I think the boys are in a similar situation."

Young and Yager are two of the four new coaches to join the Bulldogs in the past two weeks.

Tim Hafey succeeded Rich Sadvar on the MCHS baseball team and Steve Maneotis took over for friend Scott Parker for boys basketball.

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