Ask A Cop: That dog barks; what can I do?


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Q: I have a question about barking dogs.

I am surrounded by homes with dogs. I myself have two dogs. I have trained my dogs not to bark. I know you cannot ticket a dog owner for not training their dogs to bark. But, what can be done about neighbors, whose dogs bark all day and all night, like all my neighbors dogs do most of the day and night?


A: Most, if not all, cities have a dog-barking ordinance. In Craig, the owner is required to quiet his or her dog when it is barking so as to not disturb the area.

Now, this doesn't mean that if someone walks up to a property where the dog lives it can't bark to alert because, for some people, that is the purpose of having a dog.

But if the dog just continues to bark and becomes a noise problem, the ordinance has been violated. The steps to take are this:

  • First, talk to your neighbor.
  • If that doesn't work, call Animal Control to respond. If you choose to remain anonymous, the problem can only be cited to the owner if the officer actually hears the dog barking. If you want, you may sign a complaint, but you will be required to go to court.

In my experience, it becomes more of a problem when neighbors don't talk. Try speaking with the dog owner first.

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