Letter to the editor: Preston, Cheryl and Billy Ivy


Thanks for coaching our son's team

To the editor,


We want to publicly thank Rich Sadvar and Junior Herndon for your outstanding dedication in coaching the boys baseball program this year.

We feel privileged our son was able to play his junior and senior seasons under your leadership. You showed the players that teamwork, discipline, hard work and trust creates champions.

The technical help our son received with his pitching and batting was also superior.

He will use what he's learned from both of you as he steps into his college career.

We wish the school administrators would have done the right thing and reinstated your contract, but regardless of that outcome, be proud knowing that you had and still have a very positive impact on a lot of young men that will last a lifetime.

Billy considers you not only as coaches but also as friends.

You have a lot of support in this community and we are saddened that the future baseball players of MCHS will not get the chance to benefit under your leadership. You are the best and we appreciate you.

With heartfelt thanks,

Preston, Cheryl and Billy Ivy

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