Celebrate Recovery: Thanks for helping Recovery


We, the members and leaders of Celebrate Recovery, would like to say thanks to some people whose time, help and generosity gave us a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for a great local group.

Annette Gianetti and the COMA group allowed us to take over their fundraising at Wyman's Museum during Grand Olde West Days, and it was very successful for us.


Thank you so much to Pepsi for the use of its trailer and products, Frito Lay for its donations, George Vassek and Nancy Hettinger, who went above and beyond for us, Lou Wyman, Harvey Craft, Tim Jantz, Neil McCandless, City Market for it donations and help, Mountain Meat, Robert and Clinton, and everybody in our Celebrate Recovery who worked so hard.

It was an amazing success, a good time, and we're thankful for the support we've been shown for our group and what it stands for.

In Christ,

Celebrate Recovery

First Baptist Church

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