The family of Waylon William Owens: Condolences and thanks


There are no words sufficient to describe the pain of losing our beloved family member last Friday morning.

Our heartfelt condolences and sympathies are extended to the families of David Johnston and Jaron Green. Friends in life, friends at its end, and forever bound.


No one will ever know the exact events that occurred in the early morning hours of June 1, 2007. What we do know is three families have lost their sons.

The June 2 edition of the Craig Daily Press featured an editorial titled, "Sympathies and prayers." Its eloquence, considerations in content and sense of fairness in these difficult hours was, and continues to be, a source of comfort. To whomever individual or committee that penned those poignant views, we thank you for the matter in which it was written.

We appreciate our wonderful community for its continuing support during this difficult time.

Thanks to everyone. May there be peace in this valley.

The family of Waylon William Owens

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