Disc golf entertains at Loudy-Simpson


Not to be confused with a Frisbee disc, the sport of disc golf has increased in popularity since its inception in the early 1970s.

Elisa Shackelton, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Director, said a purist would not call it Frisbee golf as a disc is used for competitive play.


Craig joined the scene with a nine-hole grand opening at Loudy-Simpson Park in the summer of 2005.

"We thought it would be a good way for people to get out and exercise," Shackelton said. "What is fun is that your mind is on the disc, and you may have walked a mile and not even realized it."

The course was made possible by a joint project between the CSU cooperative extension office and Moffat County Parks and Recreation, in addition to the financial support of 11 development sponsors.

The site, on the west side of Loudy-Simpson, is a hay meadow and Moffat County mows it at least once a summer.

"Looking at how well it has been trampled, I would say it gets a lot of use," Shackelton said. "Most times I go down there, I see groups of people using it."

The CSU extension office, north of the Moffat County Courthouse, has a 2007 Colorado Disc Golf course directory for sale, and the proceeds go toward scholarships for youth who are actively promoting the sport of disc golf in Moffat County.

The Loudy-Simpson nine-hole course is the only one in the county, and Steamboat Springs features two.

"If you get in your car, almost any county in Colorado has their own course," Shackelton said. "It is really exciting. You want to play different courses. What I like about our course is that it's a great learning course."

A couple of benefits of disc golf are that there is no tee-time necessary and most courses are free to the public.

"I would say 98 percent of disc golf courses are free. It is very much like golf. It really is a great sport and it works your upper body."

Shackelton said the extension office has been working with Moffat County about expanding the current design to 18 holes.

To learn about the sport, visit www.pdga.com for more information.

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