Kristin Cortez: Daily Press needs to do its job


To the editor:

This paper is a joke.

I saw the Saturday edition on my sidewalk this morning and I decided to give the news a chance for a change.

I unfolded it in skeptical anticipation and still couldn't believe the front-page story "Back to school cool: Back-to-school fashion trends for fall."

This is not news. Cute kids wearing clothes is not news.

I decided to brush it off and move on to "Our View," to see what the paper wants me to think about today.

I was equally outraged at what I found there.

Your bias and speculations against youth are insulting and conceivably harmful to humanity.

There are young people concerned with current events just like there are old people glued to their reality TV.

It's a matter of personal preference that transcends the age barrier.

I would say education and intelligence are two factors more determinate than age.

"It seems as though the older generations are more focused on the vote of the presidential elections and the younger generations are more focused on voting for American Idol.

"Should we worry about the next generation? Should we do something to assist them? Of course we should.

"What should we do? We don't know."

That much is apparent.

Take a look at today's front page, Saturday's front page, the most read edition of the week.

This is the most important news of the weekend? Nothing else happened that deserved more exposure? Way to cover anything but news in the newspaper.

You "are" responsible, it is your job to assist everyone by keeping us informed.

What should you do? Your job.

Cover the news. Actual news.

Quit alienating pieces of your audience.

Every young person I know is picking up the paper already to check the police blotter. The hard part is done.

Kristin Cortez


user81625 9 years, 9 months ago

Well I don't know any young adults that pickup the paper to check the police blotter but maybe I don't have friends that would be in that section in any case. But I do pickup the paper to see how Garfield and Dilbert are getting on. The rest is just Political information, or the latest tragedy from some natural disaster. Go head a put the war in Iraq into either of those columns. So I wonder where people get the idea of thinking the paper has any sort of a job other than what it does, provides a need medium for advertisement with some local or national news story's thrown into fill up the white space, I would definitely pick up a paper more often if Garfield was on the cover.


al_91dak 9 years, 9 months ago

Good job Kristin! I've had the same opinion ever since I saw the front page story about "Footprints in the Snow."

In Craig?


Yeah... There's some good stories in the paper... So move the important ones to the front!


herroyalhighness 9 years, 9 months ago

Oh man, the police blotter is the closest thing we have to a gossip collum we have in Craig! You'd be amazed the people that get arrested here. The funnies are nice too, but there are much funnier ones on the internet.

"Your bias and speculations against youth are insulting and conceivably harmful to humanity."

Maybe that's overkill. But then again, maybe even minor prejudices perpetuate all discrimination on some cosmic level. That's not what this paper is about, they print a Mexican section! (which is FANTASTIC by the way, it makes me want to learn Spanish.)

user81625 is right in a way, the paper can say whatever it wants. But I think we should give this paper the benifit of the doubt that it wants to say something of substance.


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