Kathy Hall: Oil and gas side of issue not represented


To the editor:

In my opinion, Dan Olsen's article, "Resources director calls for drilling ban," on July 6 falls short, presenting only one side of an incredibly complex issue.

Currently, the U.S. imports 61 percent of its crude oil and 15 percent of its natural gas; however, in the continental U.S., oil and natural gas development occurs on less than one percent of government-owned lands. With the country's demand for energy steadily increasing, our nation needs to make the most of the resources we have at home. This means continued responsible energy development.

Protecting our environmental resources while ensuring the nation has the energy it demands requires constructive partnerships among our industry, residents, conservationists and government in the Rockies. Residents throughout the area are and should be involved in development decisions. For instance, public hearings are held before leases are sold, and there are numerous opportunities for public input on development plans.

The oil and natural gas industry goes to great lengths to ensure a balanced approach to energy development, however, limiting energy exploration is not always the answer. With your help, our industry is confident we will be able to continue to meet the nation's energy expectations, while preserving the environment and the wildlife that call it home.

Kathy Hall

West Slope Director

Colorado Oil and Gas Association


Oliver 9 years, 9 months ago

Actually, there are no public hearings held before public lands are leased, nor--in most cases--before they are made available for leasing (which is what I presume COGA-mounthpiece KH refers to). During the land use planning process, BLM might hold an open house or two (NOT a public hearing, which requires public comment on the record). And there is public comment, which the BLM routinely ignores (i.e. as it has at Roan Plateau). Furthermore, most of Colorado's land use plans are so badly outdated as to make reliance on them laughable (except for the fact that they are being used to permit leases across vast acreages of public lands--often under plans that are two decades old). I would assume that KH knows this, I would hope so anyhow. If not, she is in over her head as WS Dire. of COGA, if so she is being purposefully misleading.


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