The Daily Press gets funny

Color comics added to Saturday Morning Press


Looking for some laughter?

Look no further than this week's Saturday Morning Press, where four pages of broadsheet color comics will make their appearance.

"We're very excited to add color comics to our Saturday paper," Daily Press Publisher Bryce Jacobsen said. "It is another step in making sure we are filling all of our readerships needs, from news to entertainment."

There will be 23 color comics in the Saturday Morning Press, ranging from office antics of "Dilbert" to the classic cartoon-stylings of "Garfield" and "Peanuts" and from a funny look at life from "Cathy" and the "Fusco Brothers" to parents and teenagers co-existing in "Zits."

"We wanted to have a wide range of comics that almost everyone could appreciate," Daily Press Editor Jerry Rae-hal said.

A color kids' page also will appear in the comics' section, which will have teaching tools and entertainment. It replaces the black-and-white mini page.

Almost all of the Daily Press' black-and-white comics will continue to run in the Saturday Morning Press.

"Many of the daily black-and-white comics run a story a line," Raehal said. "We've kept all the comics that often run story lines, because we wanted to make sure readers could continue to follow along."

Black-and-white comics not appearing in the Saturday Morning Press are single box cartoons "Her-man," "Moderately Confused" and "Kit & Caryle."

The color comics page comes two weeks after the Daily Press added the numbers game of Sudoku.


"Get Fuzzy"

"Classic Peanuts"






"The Fusco Brothers"

"Baby Blues"

"Over the Hedge"

"Frank and Ernest"

"Grand Avenue"


"Close to Home"


"Pearls Before Swine"

"The Born Loser"

"Rose is Rose"


"In the Bleachers"

"Real Life Adventures"

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