John Anderson: Section well-intentioned but has opposite effect


I would like to comment concerning the Spanish section in the newspaper.

I am certain that the Craig Daily Press and those writing letters in favor of it are all well meaning. But doing this, I believe, actually has the opposite effect.

For the Spanish-speaking citizens to understand what it truly means to be an American and to make the most of their own skills and abilities, they first and foremost need to become fluent in speaking, reading and writing English. The longer they fail to do this, the narrower the scope of their prosperity and of what they are able to achieve will be.

When we print the news in Spanish, we are enabling the Spanish speaking folks and, at least to some degree, relieving the urgency to learn English. When we print in English only, we are not putting the news off limits to these folks, but increasing that urgency to learn English, which is the goal in the first place.

Whenever you have groups of people speaking different languages, like it or not, the reality is that people will gravitate towards those who speak the same language and tends to create a segregated community. The primary responsibility falls on the non-English speakers because English is the language of the land. A singular language would certainly promote a more close-knit community.

And to all of who you cannot speak English, please understand I have no animosity towards you. On the contrary. As the Army slogan goes, I want to see you "be all you can be." It's better for all of us.

I want to be clear concerning illegal immigration.

We must enforce the immigration laws. We are a nation that has, from the beginning, adhered to the rule of law and this has been the most prominent factor in maintaining a stable society. If we fail in this, we will reap a more chaotic and unlawful society and will no longer have consistent logical grounds for holding anyone accountable to any law.

How can we in all fairness prosecute one man for breaking the law and not another? I realize these people just want a better life, but they must do it legally. After all a bank robber just wants a better life, too.

John Anderson

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