Bob Grubb: Seeking donations from the needy


Dear Editor,

An ill wind was blowing outside my cave, and it blew in a letter by the Visiting Nurse Association, begging its senior wellness clients for money to meet its budget.

I growled a bit, was about to go back to sleep, it being an old fashioned Moffat County winter, the 30 degrees below kind.

Then I got to thinking -- some might call it stewing -- and decided to write this letter.

Why should you ask for donations from the needy elderly? Socially speaking: At the best, they have no extra money and can't give to you. At the worst, they are scamming the system and have no desire to give anything out of the hardness of their hearts; but most realistically, they have a little extra, and you are playing with their sense of guilt at being dependent and fear of not getting the help from the senior clinics in the future.

What does this bear suggest?

First, VNA and all nonprofits, which get money from state grants, United Way and personal gifts from citizens must print out their yearly revenue-expense sheet. The county and city do, you all can too. This is especially important in the health care industry where both nonprofit and for profit businesses compete. This country was founded under God and free enterprise. God takes care of himself, free enterprise needs management. Where for profit enterprises cannot go -- make a profit -- there nonprofits should go. But in this country, the lesser nonprofit (like John the Baptist) must give way or decrease in order that the greater for profit (like Jesus) must increase (John 3.30).

I thank God for the nonprofit "Horizon's for the Handicapped," (Editor's note: which is now known as Horizons Specialized Services). No for profit has tried to provide care in this area of service. It is a present disgrace on the residents of Moffat County that we were not willing to add a small tax increase to adequately fund the care of the handicapped. The bear could grumble on this a long time, but I stop.

Next, please identify these areas of severe shortfall in your program. Join with The Memorial Hospital, Horizons for the Handicapped, Centennial, Jewel and Sandrock Ridge in expressing their shortfalls and send it to our state and national representatives.

Join with this an open petition passed among all the elderly. This bear, as the vice-president of the AARP, will try to get the local chapter behind this.

Finally, ask the Craig City Council and the Moffat County commissioners to write letters of support.

This is one way American representative socialism could work along with free enterprise.

P.S. Dear Susan Birch (executive director of the VNA),

When you get that $500,000 play pen for the elderly built beside the Haven, please be sure to invite us olduns from Craig over to play. After all, it was our tax money, too.

In closing, thanks for finding funds to keep the senior swim open on Wednesday at the Shadow Mountain pool. Now to us seniors, let's get over there and use it.


The Rainbow Bear

Bob Grubb

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