Another green light for TMH

Analyst confirms $20M assessment


There was very little suspense to the conference call George Rohrich, chief executive officer of The Memorial Hospital in Craig, shared with the hospital's financial analyst on Wednesday.

"(The analysts') opening line to me was 'congratulations,'" Rohrich said.

As Rohrich anticipated, the analyst confirmed the findings from a previous study of hospital finances and concluded that TMH was on sound enough financial ground to borrow $20 million, funds that would help pay for a new facility in Craig.

"(The analyst) and his people were on the other end and said 'you can do this,'" Rohrich told TMH board members Wednesday night. "This is great news. We continue to get a green light."

The findings confirm a December 2006 assessment by a representative from Quorum Health Services. The representative told board members a rebound of finances in 2006 made TMH an attractive option to potential lenders.

TMH is seeking to build a new facility on 15 acres of land west of Shadow Mountain Village. Details of the proposed new facility have not yet been developed.

Rohrich said that's the next step in the development process.

"The question that needs to be answered now is what should be built, what should be designed and what should it cost," he said.

The CEO recommended -- and the board authorized -- moving forward with information gathering on potential architects, owner representatives and construction managers for the project.

Board vice chairman Ron Danner said the board should also consider expanding its building committee to include community members with experience in construction and design.

"There are people out there that will bring a wealth of knowledge," Danner said.

Hospital officials are expected to resume new facility planning during a building committee meeting later this month.

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