TMH seeks financial answer

Officials hope to confirm new facility analysis during meeting


Administrators from The Memorial Hospital in Craig expect to verify today the findings of an initial financial analysis indicating TMH could borrow $20 million for a proposed new facility.

In December 2006, a representative from Quorum Health Services told the TMH board of trustees that net profits in 2005, an estimated 2006 surplus and minimal debt made the hospital an attractive choice to lenders. Today, hospital administrators are expected to discuss the loan outlook with its contracted financial analyst during a conference call.

The analyst' job is to either confirm the QHR opinion or discern how much lenders would loan the hospital, chief executive officer George Rohrich said. The analyst also would be pledged with finding the best loan opportunities on the open market for TMH, he said.

TMH is seeking to build a new facility on 15 acres of land west of Shadow Mountain Village.

The conference call should take place before tonight's board meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m. inside the Platinum Conference Room at TMH. Rohrich said he would then report the findings to the board either during a building committee report or the CEO report, both of which are toward the end of the agenda.

"I expect (the analyst) to give a preliminary answer that would be followed up in writing a few days later," Rohrich said.

Rohrich said scheduling conflicts have kept the hospital and the analyst from having a more formal discussion. Nonetheless, Rohrich said he doesn't expect the analysts' response to be that much different from the preliminary estimate released in December.

"I think he'll confirm what's been said," Rohrich said. "I'm pretty confident that's going to be the case."

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