Senior Spotlight for Jan. 30


Here I am again. Hard pneumonia this time.

Got to meet some of the student nurses. They are doing a great job. The weather hopefully will be better soon. That is something to look forward to.

Also looking forward to birthdays are Jane Glanville, Sophie Narch, Janette Harris, Norma Gilroy and Sean Southard.

Speedy recover/get well soon to Glen Terry Elise Waters, Wanda Evert, Rilla Wiggins, Vivian Pulley, Peggy Lawton, Vince and Phyllis Bingham.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Senior Dinner is Feb. 3.

Wow. Another month coming up, also Groundhog Day is Feb. 2.

Interesting -- will the groundhog see his shadow? The way the weather has been, what are the odds?

Don't forget the potluck dinner at noon Friday.

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