Leave Spanish section on its own

Speak Up


As I was reading the "Speak Up" section, which I like, I was thinking, why don't you put the Spanish section by itself, so people who don't want to read it leave it. Save some paper for yourself. Save a tree or two.

Also, I am tired of going around a corner and they change to Spanish as if you're interfering in their territory. So rude.

I had one just today do that with her kids. What does that teach them to act like?? Not American. Please don't poke it down our throats.

We shouldn't need interpreters in the U.S.

I just read the "speak up" commentary in the paper from Egoless and have some thoughts.

My husband and I attended our son's Navy graduation this fall. There were 51 flags flying. One for each state of this United States and above them all was our national flag, no Mexican or any other nation's flag was displayed.


Because this is the "United States." o people not understand the word "united?" See Webster's!

I met recruits of every, and I do mean every, ethnic background. There were no interpreters. Everything was spoken in English.

Why again? Language unites people. Remember Babel.

Yes, most of us here are here because of our immigrant ancestors. Personally, our family has ancestors from Germany, England, Austria, Ireland, Netherlands and last, but not least, even Cherokee. I can't even begin to think how much confusion it would cause if we had to press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, 3 for German, 4 for Cherokee and so on and so on. I think you get the point.

First and foremost, if you're here in America and want to be here, you have the ultimate responsibility of being an American first. We are all very proud of our original heritage and rightly so, but we're in America now.

From paying taxes, enjoying social benefits, serving in our military, serving on a jury, to feeling freer in this country than most and being proud of this heritage, all immigrants need to step up to the plate and put this country's values, traditions, laws and language first or go home.

Not that we feel dishonor or disdain toward your country, but if you think it's the best country, shouldn't you be there?

I know I'm in what I consider "the best." Personally, I will not be reading your paper on Tuesdays, unless of course, you can give equal billing to a myriad of equally deserving languages. I think that would be quite confusing, financially draining and chaotic. Do you now get the point?

One of many backgrounds, but

proudest of being an American.

Don't run stop signs

This letter is to all of the drivers in Craig. I've almost been hit six times in two weeks from people running stop signs. So be warned people of Craig.

If I catch you running a stop sign, I'm going to take down a description of your truck, you license plate and I'm going to start turning you in.

Start using the stop signs.

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