Sandra F. Beran: Spanish pages gesture of Western hospitality


I wanted to take a moment to thank the Craig Daily Press for printing our community's news in English and once a week in Spanish.

This seems to be a gesture of true Western hospitality. While our Spanish-speaking families are learning English and learning about the community, I believe it is very helpful for everyone to be informed about community events and going-ons.

I have had the opportunity to visit with some of our Spanish-speaking friends, and I am trying to brush up on the Spanish classes I took in high school. I have been welcomed into warm families and very well-cared-for homes.

Some of my new Spanish friends have told me they want to be here for a time, so they can earn enough to go home to Mexico and be able to help themselves and their families get ahead. Others say that they are here to work and to send life-sustaining support to their families back in Mexico, who do not have a sufficient source of income. Other families have said that they are here because they want to work it out to stay because they like it here for many different reasons.

These reasons do not seem much different than what my forefathers came to this land for or yours. However, at that time there were not as many hoops to jump through; it was not as complicated or as bureaucratic to come to the United States as it is now.

As a Christian, I give money to missions to go into many nations to preach good news and to help those who can not help themselves. I have to respect many of my Spanish-speaking neighbors. They are not waiting for money to come to them. They are coming to the U.S., taking jobs that are necessary but not desirable to many of us, making money and sending it to their families in another country.

To me, this is our "work ethic" in action. I understand that our tourism workforce is so much in need of workers that people are being recruited from all over the world to fill positions, and there is still a need for more workers.

I also wonder about the big United States of America companies that are outsourcing all over the world. Credit card, telephone, cable and all sorts of companies use telephone customer service operators who live in Canada, India or other countries across the globe.

Why aren't we upset at them for "taking our jobs"?

Those people are doing jobs desirable to many American citizens. They are not available in the U.S. because those companies do not want to pay minimum wages or comply with our union regulations or other reasons like that. The companies don't want to pay the minimum wages, but they do not mind charging us, U.S. citizens, maximum interest, service and other fees.

These workers do nothing for our economy. They do not rent from us, or eat our produce or shop in our stores. I just can not figure out why we get inhospitable to our Spanish-speaking workers -- who do support our community -- and ignore this lack of community support by the huge companies.

Their workers do not have to qualify for our INS, yet they are paid by your money and give nothing back to your community or even your country.

I apologize if I sound angry, I guess I am. I can't figure out why we get so upset with our neighbors who are hard working and family oriented, and we don't tell the big companies that they need to support our communities.

Sandra F. Beran

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