Jennifer Riley: Spanish pages not for illegal immigrants


Dear Editor, I would like to applaud the Craig Daily Press for recently printing two letters to the editor criticizing the paper's publication of a Spanish section.

However, I completely disagree with those letters.

I fail to see how printing a section of the newspaper in another language is catering to illegal immigrants. There are many people in this country legally whose first language is not English. What is wrong with being bi-lingual or multi-lingual?

I took Spanish throughout high school and college, and I read -- or attempt to read -- this section each week to see what I can remember from those classes. Many other countries start teaching multiple languages to their children with the idea that it will help them later in life.

I think we would be doing a big disservice to our children by telling them that they only need to know English. One of the letters states that it is a "sorry shame" that "an American" newspaper prints a portion of the news in another language.

If I'm not mistaken, that is Freedom of Speech -- one of the basic premises on which this country was founded.

The Daily Press is not insisting that its readers learn another language. It is diversifying its format to reach a broader audience. What's wrong with that?

If the Daily Press has the freedom to print a Spanish section, then as readers we have the freedom to choose what to read -- or not.

Jennifer Riley

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