Carolyn Haslam: The news belongs to all, Spanish, English


I must respond to those who would deny our Spanish speaking friends and neighbors access to local news.

Our best chance for peace in this crazy world must start in our own community with compassion and empathy for each other.

The fact is, we live in a more diversified community, along with the rest of the country. The world is getting smaller.

It would serve us better to embrace and try to understand those differences. Don't we want to encourage a positive contribution to Craig by our Spanish-speaking (members) by making them feel welcome.

The news belongs to us all, and by picking up the local paper I'm sure they will pick up some more English on the other pages.

Sadly, they will be smarter than you or I who, sadly, only know one language.

The Press should be commended for expanding our horizons, and maybe teaching us a little Spanish. With greater knowledge and understanding, instead of our being residents of Craig, we may someday be greater and part of The Family of Man.

Carolyn Haslam

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