A messy clean-up

CDOT means of clearing snow met with curiosity


Three months of snow will make a mess, as those driving through Craig have seen.

The Colorado Department of Transportation tried a different tactic to clean it up Thursday, which was met with a few arched eyebrows.

"We had a little bit of feedback," CDOT maintenance superintendent Kandace Lukow said. "Negative feedback."

To try and clear room for parking along West Victory Way, the department spread snow onto the north side of the road, or the west-bound lane, so the sun would hit it the most.

"When you plow snow, it works the same as an avalanche," she said. "It takes the air out of it. We were trying to spread it out, get the air back in it."

The sun was in CDOT's favor Thursday and Friday, and Lukow was pleased with the results.

"It did help melt some of it," she said.

Lukow said in the long run, the experiment worked out alright, with the exception of several drivers of smaller vehicles who voiced their displeasure with driving in the slush Thursday afternoon.

She also said the department has used the technique in the past, but it was less noticeable because there was less snow.

Because of the discomfort it caused some residents, Lukow didn't think the department would attempt to remove the snow in the same way in the future, but she said she would contact media outlets so the public knows before-hand if they decided it is the best method.

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