Kerry Alonso: Daily Press deserves applause for Spanish


To the editor:

Okay, now I have just about heard all that I can stand regarding the Daily Press and the Spanish language pages in the paper.

I am going to stick up for the Press and what it is standing up for. The latest letter to the editor on Thursday was appalling.

Come on. You think that because someone cannot fluently speak English that means they "snuck in to our country like a thief"? Have you ever tried to learn another language? Oh, I guess not because your ancestors knew English before they came to America. Right?

English is the hardest language to learn and experts will tell you that the best way to learn a new language is by seeing it in print in your native language and the one you are trying to learn.

I applaud the Daily Press for sticking to its guns and continuing to print these two pages a week. There is no way that everyone coming to this country can learn the language before they come, and it takes a long time to learn a language that is so confusing and always changing.

As far back as elementary school, I was taught that America was a melting pot of cultures, and that we, as Americans, should appreciate that and respect it. We fly the American flag with pride, but what is wrong with flying the flags of other countries as well?

You see it all over the country at schools and hotels. Maybe it's not the flags of other countries that you are worried about, but just the Mexican flag.

I think that there is a huge problem in this society today when we can blame the problems of a nation on one group of people. Maybe the problem actually lies with people blaming others instead of looking at themselves.

I know that I am not the only one who feels that way. I just wish that more people would stick up for the Daily Press instead of letting the opposition be the only letters that we hear and read.

Come on, lets all write a letter in support of the Craig Daily Press. They are trying to bring a community together.

And that is what America is about.

Kerry Alonso


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