Ada McArthur: Continue the Spanish pages in Daily Press


To the Editor:

When the Spanish pages were first printed in our local newspaper, the Craig Daily Press, I was delighted to realize that I lived in a community of compassionate, helpful business people. I cannot understand anyone begrudging this learning tool for those who wish to learn another language -- English to Spanish or Spanish to English.

As an army wife living in foreign countries, I quickly realized learning to read or speak another language is a difficult, time-consuming challenge. Anytime there were signs or articles printed in each language I was able to learn more of the other language.

Most of our ancestors were immigrants. My Norwegian grandmother learned very little English, partly due to a lack of available learning tools. My mother and aunts told me that sometimes the small town North Dakota paper where many Norwegians and Danes immigrated to printed an article in Norwegian, Danish and English and that this was one of the few ways my grandmother could improve her English reading skills.

Please, Craig Daily Press, continue your charitable attitude of helpfulness.

Ada McArthur


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