Allen J. Hischke: A sorry shame that paper prints in Spanish


To the Editor:

I just finished reading the letter from William G. and Ruth M. Thompson, published Jan. 20. And I must applaud these people for standing up as they did. They are exactly correct in every statement they made. If memory serves me correctly, this was not the first letter condemning the Craig Daily Press for printing pages in an alternate language.

I think it is a sorry shame that we have an American newspaper that insists on printing pages in Spanish. This is America and here we speak and read English, and English only. If the Daily Press wants to print a Spanish paper, you should go to another country to do it.

I have nothing against anyone wanting to come into this country. But it must be done in the manner stipulated by the law, not sneaking in like a thief to steal from the honest citizens of this country. But entering in a manner proud to learn our language and customs. Not to fly a foreign flag but to proudly raise the Stars and Stripes on all occasions. Not to cause Americans added the expense of providing documents printed in two or more languages, and employees to interpret for them, but to learn English and use it in their daily life. This is what the immigrants did in our parents and grandparent's time, and this is how it must be done today. The added expense of double language is not necessary and should not be tolerated in this country.

In my opinion, if people don't want to learn our customs, language and laws, then they should go back to the country they came from, because as far as I am concerned, they are not welcome here in America. They should go back and see if the place they came from would be as helpful as the United States is to them. Go back to see if they could provide for their families as well as they can here in America. Go back to see if they would be permitted the same freedoms we enjoy in the United States. Go back to see what would happen to them if they flew the American flag in that country, or tried to remain citizens of this country while living there and using government programs.

If this country had intended for me to speak and read another language, it would have been taught in the schools when I was young. This was not done then and should not be done now or ever. Learning another language was an elective course when I went to school and should be so today. The only language that should be mandatory to learn is English. And learning English should be mandatory for all those that wish to live in the United States.

The Thompsons are correct when they said shame on the Craig Daily Press for printing their paper in any language except English, and shame on any person for thinking it is America's responsibility to extend any privilege to anyone living here that does not take the time to learn this country's language and culture.

America owes its responsibility to Americans. People who do not wish to embrace the way we do things in America do not wish to be Americans and we owe them nothing. And people who do not wish to be Americans should not be allowed to live inside the borders of this country.

Allen J. Hischke


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